Milk Solutions is made in South Africa and has been specifically formulated to address the everyday exposure of the skin of the hands and feet to some of the harshest and most visibly damaging environmental elements.

With an outdoors-oriented lifestyle, blazing sunshine, incredible heat and fiercely dry air, feet in South Africa are kept bare whenever possible, contending with grass, sand, stones and gravel from their very first steps. Lengthy walking distances, outdoor activities, sports and a culture of dancing are part of the everyday for many.

Hands are (ab)used as tools for cooking, cleaning, gardening, carrying and are frequently exposed to treated water and chemicals. In a country where cars are the primary form of transport, they also suffer from daily exposure to harsh windscreen-magnified rays.

Combining traditional and non-traditional beauty ingredients with advanced scientific technologies and processes, each Milk Solutions product has been developed to deliver effective, visible results that actively address the variety of hand, feet and nail concerns experienced by women of different ages, ethnicities and lifestyles.







Karen Ellithorne is a qualified aesthetician who has been actively involved in the health and
skincare industry in South Africa since 1992. Working first as a therapist and then
as a lecturer, Karen began sharing her industry-leading knowledge and expertise with
others when she took over management of the local Medical Aesthetics Convention.

Karen’s career in the beauty business started when she bought the South African distribution
rights for a global nail polish and cosmetics brand. She established Spa & Salon Solutions
in 1996, with a focus on the import and distribution of professional beauty and medical aesthetics
products, machinery and equipment.

Karen began developing the Milk Solutions range in 2001, having identified the need for locally
produced professional manicure and pedicure treatments that addressed the usage, quality and cost
requirements of South African beauty salons and health spas. Initially a line of 4 professional,
pedicure products, today Milk Solutions offers a comprehensive range of results-driven hand and
foot care treatments that actively address the variety of skin conditions and nail concerns
experienced by today’s urban “working girl”.



Ms. is a sassy new nail bar brand that offers clients the opportunity to enjoy the full experience and benefits of the Milk Solutions range of mani-pedi products and treatments as they were designed and intended.

Our Ms. sistas are qualified, experienced nail technicians who have received intensive, specialist product, treatment and service training in the Milk Solutions way. Each mani or pedi appointment begins with an assessment of the skin and nail condition and requirements of the individual client, and each mani or pedi procedure and product mix is then personalised to provide the best possible treatment.





Spa and Salon Solutions was established in 1996 with a focus on the import, manufacturing and distribution of professional products, machinery and equipment into the South African beauty and medical aesthetic markets. Key amongst these, Spa and Salon Solutions is the exclusive South African distributor for the Belava range of safe salon products and the self-developed Milk Solutions range of professional hand and foot care products.